Discoveries of 2013

Delicious discoveries since the new year….


Craftsman and Wolves


Old Fashioned from Hog & Rocks

caramelized hazelnut financier

caramelized hazelnut financier from Craftsman and Wolves


Matcha Green Tea Strawberry Shortcake from Hopscotch


Corned Beef Sandwich from Percita Park Cafe


Garlic Pork Flavor Ramen from Ramen Dojo


Mini Pie from Pietisserie


Bibimbap from Bob’s House

OaklandTrip-13 OaklandTrip-12 OaklandTrip-5

iPhonegraphy through Instagram

Sometimes I’m always caught without a camera. Sometimes more often my large DSLR sits in my room. This is the reason why I always wanted to have a smartphone handy for sharing pictures. I know it’s late, but my iPhone 5 is my first smartphone ever. And I’m discovering so such awesome apps photo related like SnapSeed, Camera+, and ,of course, Instagram. My phone has become my most portable camera I ever have.

Even before my iPhone I always been pressured into using Instagram with use of my iPod Touch and iPad. The sweet spot of portable and quality comes to the phone. So I been trying to post more often. I do pull some inspirations from other instagrammers such as @alice_gao@avalaurenb, @pketron, @rick_poon

Here’s some a sample of my Instagrams. Follow me @jamesmngo

Eat to work

From finding out about a local bakery that serves up some awesome empanadas to simply enjoying a tasty banh mi. Life has been great!

I haven’t been posting as often but there’s so much to share. You probably know from my twitter posts I’m always out and about and always have something to say. I am currently taking a small break from that to post here reorganize some other things. Not too long ago, Eat Real 2012 in Jack London Square has been quite a foodie adventure. I watched a butchering competition and tried out new things like Shrub Soda (from INNA Jam, more about it on a future Food Socialist post) and Charcuterie.

Banh Mi from Cam Huong, Union City, CA

Empanadas from Elite Bakery, Union City, CA

The Winner! Eat Real 2012, Oakland, CA

Tried Shrub Soda before? It’s a deliciously crisp. From INNA Jam, Eat Real 2012, Oakland, CA

Mornings will never be the same

Delicious Shortbreads from Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

As everybody know, I’m a huge coffee nut. Though, I dont particular know much about coffee. I just love my morning joe. It must be a dark rich grind pour over. And when I heard that Blue Bottle Coffee offers free public cupping in their Oakland Headquarters, I just had to go. A cupping is like a tasting and evaluation method used as to how wine tastings work, you will find a lot of parallels between the two. I learned so much during the cupping and enjoy my morning coffee so much more.

I also wanted to try their delicious fennel and sea salt short bread because I saw it featured in Bon Appetit Magazine.

Hard at work….

Hey guys, sorry for the non-updates it’s been a while since I have posted anything to the blog. I have a couple of projects I am working on including the long awaited Food Socialist Blog. After much brewing, I’m am confident the website will be ready.